There is a $25.00 Non Refundable Fee per person per apartment in order to process the credit check/background check. Every Resident/ Lessee must be approved for residency.

You may be asked to furnish  to the following Information:

Government Identification (e.g.. Driver’s license, passport, etc.)
Social Security Card
Tax Return (s) 1040,1040EZ,etc.
Employment Pay Stubs
Employment Letter / Hiring contract
Landlord Reference and/or Current Receipts of payment
Personal Reference(s)
School Identification / Grants / Scholarships
Any other items necessary to process your application.

We only charge a prospective tenant $25.00 per person per  apartment to complete the applicants credit / background check.  After this, if your credit / background check returns approved, we may request the above items to complete your application. Eventually, we require two months rent of the apartment that you are interested in prior to move in.  These two months translate into first months rent and last months rent.

IMPORTANT: In order to be approved for the apartment your credit must be in good standing.  If you  maintain current payments status with your debtors and are up to date with  payments, this implies you will do the same concerning payments for your apartment. We scrutinize credit and background history greatly, so please take this into  consideration.

Lets go over our policy

NO application fee to see an apartment

$25.00 Fee for Credit/Background Check per person per apartment only if you would like to rent the apartment

Two months rent (equaling two months rent of the apartment that  you are renting) for first and last months payment.

We may require various documents prior to acceptance.  These may include, pay stubs, previous years tax returns, letter from your current and/or past employer(s), rental verification from previous landlord(s), personal references, etc…

In all, our application process is very efficient and we should have an answer for you within 48 hours!
If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.